40oz Fondant Creativity Kits

40oz Fondant Creativity Kits

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Inspiration is right at hand with our Fondant Creativity Kits, so you can quickly and easily add a splash of color whenever you feel like it! A curated selection of our most popular colors, in convenient accent sizes.

Each Kit contains EIGHT 5oz packages of professional quality rolled fondant, to use as needed -- that's 40oz of inspiration! Once opened, store fondant in a sealed Ziploc away from sources of heat. Use by December 15, 2018.

The Kits

(new for Fall!) Harvest Rainbow - Bright Green, Fuchsia, Brown (chocolate!), Orange, Blue Denim, Yellow, Red, Black

Rainbow Prism - Blue, Yellow, Red, Lilac, Green, Orange, Bright Green, Purple

Cool Vibes - Brown (chocolate!), Purple, Lilac, Bright Green, Green, Robin's Egg Blue, Sky Blue, Blue

Hot Vibes - Black, Yellow, Orange, Pink x2, Fuchsia, Red, Blue Denim 

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