Smart Lace Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to do before starting to use Smart Lace?
Smart Lace is ready to use immediately after opening the package. You do not stir it, add anything to it, heat it, have to worry about air bubbles. etc. Just open, and use. 
Your hardest decision will be deciding which color to use on what mold! 

2. How much Smart Lace decor do I need to use?
Usage of Smart Lace will depend on the size of the mold and the intricacy of the pattern you have selected. However, each 160g container of Smart Lace goes a long way — about 30 lace butterflies, or 10 lace cake wraps.

3. Is Smart Lace edible?
Yes, it most certainly is edible, and does not contain any harmful ingredients. It is manufactured in a gluten-free facility.

4. How do I dry Smart Lace decor?
Smart Lace can be dried in the oven at low temperature, in a dehydrator, or in the open air. Drying times will depend on ambient temperature and humidity levels. 

5. How long does it take Smart Lace to dry?
Drying times will vary depending on how you choose to dry the product, and the level of detail in your chosen lace decor mold.
Smart Lace can be dried in the oven at the lowest temperature (which for standard kitchen ranges is 180ºF) in about 12 minutes. 
If you use a dehydrator it will take about 20 minutes to dry at about 100ºF, 
Smart Lace can be air dried like traditional powder lace decor, but drying times will depend on the humidity levels present in your environment. Our tests in the dry Las Vegas air saw elaborate patterns completely drying in about 2 hours, whereas when we make Smart Lace in Houston, we typically let it set for 8 hours.

Caution: do not dry Smart Lace at elevated temperatures as you will risk having the product dry too quickly and turn brittle.  

6. How do I know when Smart Lace is ready to be removed from the lace decor mold?
You will notice that the Smart Lace no longer looks wet, as if it was just applied.

7. Can I make Smart Lace in advance?
Yes, you can make Smart Lace decor in advance, but to maintain it's pliability be sure to keep the finished lace in an airtight container, like a Ziploc bag.

8. Can Smart Lace be dyed to change its color?
We advise against adding dyes to Smart Lace as it will change the composition of the product, and so we can no longer guarantee its performance or pliability. We currently produce Smart Lace in a rainbow of vibrant colors to offer you a range of options, but if you would really like to create a color that we do not have available we suggest that you paint the finished lace.

9. How do I store Smart Lace when it is not in use?
We suggest storing opened containers of Smart Lace in the refrigerator, as this will protect you from possible contamination that may occur when returning excess Smart Lace to the container during lace preparation. When using Smart Lace that has been refrigerated you will notice that its texture will have become slightly gelatinous, but its performance and spreadability is unchanged.