Professional Fondant

Highly workable, not sticky, flexible but not overly elastic, low cracking, and consistency across colors -- these are the key attributes to consider when choosing a rolled fondant. How does your current brand rate?

Used by baking professionals in more than 30 countries, Madame Loulou Rolled Fondant has all the attributes that cake decorators demand: High Workability, Low Stickiness, Mid-range Elasticity and Low Cracking. And, unlike other brands, our fondants perform consistently across our entire color spectrum!

Our fondant has a natural marshmallow flavor, just as if you had made it at home. And, it can be rolled super thin, to 1/25th of an inch if you want, giving you much more decorating flexibility, as well as a guarantee that people will eat it, instead of scraping it off your creations.

Available in three sizes (5oz, 15oz, 2.5lbs) and more than 15 colors.

Because it can be rolled so much thinner than most other brands, you can use much less fondant on your projects!

Fondant coverage comparisons

          Cake Size          Wilton / Satin Ice /
          Fat Daddio's /
          Other leading brands
             Madame Loulou
             Rolled Fondant
     Round 8" (3" high)              18oz               7oz
     Round 10" (4" high)              36oz             15oz
     Square 12" (4" high)              72oz             30oz
     Rectangle 12"x18"x2"              80oz             33oz