What they're saying

Smart Lace by Madame Loulou

"It was so much more convenient than making lace on my own." Customer, October 2018

"This product is a dream to work with. Just ordered more in the silver and gold." Customer, August 2018

"I can't believe how easy it is to make lace with Madame Loulou Smart Lace!! So smooth and dries so quick in the oven if you follow directions! Love love love your product!! Thank you so much! Customer, August 2018

"Great edible lace - easy to work with and sets very well. I used this for a cake order, my first time doing lace and it was a hit. The lace was delicate but pliable and easy to use. The color was blush pink, which is what I needed. I will probably purchase more in different colors to use." Customer, July 2018

"For so many months I struggled with cake lace to the point I just gave up!! Once I found this, I have become a cake lace pro. I love this and will continue to order over and over!" Customer, November 2017

"Wow! I can't believe it, it really is that easy!" International Baking Industry Exposition Guest, Las Vegas, October 2016

"C'est formidable!" SIAL International Food Exhibition Guest, Paris, October 2016

Leading Powdered Lace Products

" I purchased the whole thing, the powder, the mat, the comb, everything it looked so nice and fairly easy to use on their video. Spent a lot of money and after a year trying to use it with different ideas from their site, it does not work, either so stiff that breaks or to soft that sticks to the mat. I am really upset to have wasted all that money in something that does not work."