What's Smart Lace?

Smart Lace is Madame Loulou's innovation on edible cake lace decor. It's "smart" not just because it is pre-mixed and completely ready-to-use BUT also because it has been engineered to quickly and effortlessly fill-in every crevice in whichever brand of silicone mat that you choose to use. You can dry it quickly in the oven or dehydrator, allowing you to look like a star on short notice. If you keep your finished lace in an air-tight environment it will last and last, while remaining totally flexible and pliable for whatever project you have in mind. 

No more praying, or cursing — Smart Lace works fast, every time!

Pre-mixed and ready-to use! 
If you've worked with classic powder lace decor you know that each batch is an adventure. And it's almost impossible to make the right amount of lace to create that one embellishment which sets your confectionery creations apart. We know this from experience, having traveled Europe and the Middle East promoting our powdered lace product to cake designers. Everyone loves the idea of lace decor, but in reality it was just too time consuming to make, and the risk of failure was always high -- no one ever claimed to have made it on impulse.

Use it on ANY mat!
But with Smart Lace the game has changed. Available in 10 different colors, you can literally create in an hour what it would have taken you a full day previously, if the stars were aligned. And what's more, it works with ANY BRAND of silicone lace decor mat — that means that you can use Smart Lace right away with the mats that you already have, even that one you bought because the design was so cute (or the price so right) but that just never got along with your powdered lace. It fills every crevice quickly and easily, just spread it over your mat using a straight edge, then return the excess to the container so that it is ready to go for your next project. Obviously, a higher quality silicone mat will produce more delicate and intricate lace patterns, but Smart Lace will fill in any pattern, just be sure to dry it adequately. 

But wait, there's more! 
Put some Smart Lace in a piping bag and you can make your own free-form "sugar glass" designs, lettering and patterns straight onto any silicone sheet. We use it to make ultra-thin flower petals, embellishments and even doll clothes -- did you ever try doing that with powdered lace?

And for those of you lucky enough to have never worked with powdered lace decor before... we call it Smart Lace because it will help you look like a cake design Genius : )